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Mindfulness made easy


Mindfulness exercises that can enhance your work, health and happiness


Your mind is key to unlocking the kind of life you want to lead. As well as affecting your own happiness, learning and performance, your state of mind can influence the experience of those around you. Yet most of us live as though we have not control over it.


Isn't it time we switched off the autopilot and switched on the mind?


By incorporating simple, 10 minute  mindfulness exercises into your day, you can train your brain to feel more awake, more attentive, more creative and improve every aspect of your life.



Mindfulness made easy

"I warmly recommend this book. Setting aside Mind Time each day has the potential to transform your relationships, your work, and yourself."

Mark Williams – co-author of the bestselling Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Peace in a Frantic World